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Energy Medicine assists to restore balance to your energy system that has become weak, disturbed, or out of balance.

This energy works on a physical, mental and emotional level to create a harmonious balance of oneness and health.

How does this happen?

Powerful healing vibrations are transmitted through the hands of the practitioner (acting as a conduit) to the body of the client to accelerate natural healing.
A higher frequency is introduced during the session changing the vibration of every cell in your body. Each cell attunes to this new frequency; elevated to a higher vibration where the abnormal vibration causing illness, disease and injury is now changed; vibrating at a higher frequency than ever before to create balance and heal.

What do I work on?

There is not specfic list of conditions, illness, injury or deformity that I work on.  I work on everything.

I am introducing a new frequency to change the vibration of your cells so that they may function at a normal level of functioning. These abnormal vibrations causing illness, injury and deformities seem to vibrate out of the system as appropriate for each person.

The cells elevate to this higher frequency being introduced to function at a new normal where healing can begin. 

You will feel the ENERGY

You will be able to perceive the energy working on you. You may experience certain physical sensations when you connect with the energy. These sensations could be: tingling, stomach gurgling, feeling a wave-like motion, heat, seeing colors, experiencing different aromas, memories that come into your consciousness, etc.

This energy is extremely relaxing and often described as feeling like "a week at the spa."  

 Medical Doctors use frequency as well

Healing with frequency is not something new. Conventional Medicine has used frequency to heal for decades with great success. Frequency devices such as bone growth stimulators, pacemakers, ultrasound therapy for pain: frequency devices for arthritis, depression, insomnia, muscle healing, etc. More and more research and medical centers are studying the health benefits of healing with frequency. New research has even shown that frequency has caused cancer cells to obliterate while leaving the normal cells unharmed.

Healing with frequency is unique in that it is pain-free and non-invasive.

 Our entire body is energy. If you have a difficult time with the concept that ENERGY can heal, then think of the healing session as healing with frequency and vibration. Each cell in our body is electromagnetic energy. Our body readily responds to this energy because it is ENERGY.

EVERY CELL communicates using the language of frequency and vibration.

Reconnective Healing works with frequency, vibration and the exchange of light and information utilizing the body's own innate intelligence for the appropriate healing to take place for each individual.

Tired of feeling sick and tired and on multiple prescription drugs?

If you do not make a change of what you are doing, than you will feel the same way tomorrow as you feel today.
If you are looking for another option other than surgery and more prescription drugs--Come see me.

                      Experience the Future of Healing

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