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What is The Reconnection?

The Reconnection is about our reconnecting once again to the vast universal energy grid which allows us to better communicate with the universal intelligence.  For a simple explanation, think of our bodies originally being connected to a high speed internet. We could download information and process it very quickly. Then one day the internet connection no longer worked and we felt "unplugged"  and could no longer access  the intelligence of the cosmos.

During the session, I use the Universal Energy to draw new energy lines on the body to reconnect one back to this universal grid of energy. This is more of a gradual download that occurs for the remainder of your life. Just think what would happen if your electronic devices had a sudden surge of energy. They would blow out.  This is why we have surge protectors. Our nervous system as well would not be able to handle the expanded amount of light and information if this were an instantaneous download.

What are the benefits of receiving this influx of light and information? This is a personal transformation on a physical, mental and spiritual level. I use the term "personal" because everyone's experience is "personalized." The actual session experience will vary from person to person just as a healing session will have a unique experience for the individual. At any time when we connect with the energy, the energy is reacting differently for each person. It is the Universal Energy working in tandem with your higher self for the appropriate experience to take place. YOU ONLY NEED TO BE RECONNECTED ONCE IN YOUR LIFETIME.
The Reconnection is done in 2 session. The sessions are scheduled 1-2 days apart. Each session takes 30 minutes.

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