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During the session:

When you come in for a session you will lie down on your back (fully clothed) on a padded massage table. I’ll ask you to close your eyes and relax and to pay attention to whatever brings itself into your awareness.

Reconnective Healing is a “hands-off” energy healing technique, meaning that I am not physically touching you during the session. I focus my attention on my hands to bring in these powerful frequencies during the session. Almost instantly, I feel the  familiar tingling and pulsing in my hands and know I am ready to begin the session. During the session I am interacting with your energy field. I do not direct the energy for a specific outcome. These powerful healing frequencies work with the body's own innate intelligence for the appropriate healing for each individual to take place.

This new higher frequency introduced during the session functions as a catalyst to assist in correcting the abnormal vibrations in your body that are causing illness or injury. You will be able to feel this energy. You will be able to perceive the energy working on you. You may experience certain physical sensations when you connect with the energy. These sensations could be: tingling, stomach gurgling, feeling a wave-like motion, heat, seeing colors, experiencing different aromas, memories that come into your consciousness, etc. This energy is extremely relaxing and often described as feeling like "a week at the spa."  Often times, clients will doze off for part, or the entire session.

Each person's experience will be different since we will all interact with the energy in a unique way.  Reconnective Healing works to create balance and harmony on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. In fact, the healing energies  that are initiated during your session will continue to work with you long after you have left my office. One to three sessions are suggested.

If you have been dealing with the same health challenges year after year and are still in pain or suffering, consider an energy medicine healing session. Nothing in your health and wellness will change until you do something different. If you are ready for a unique experience in healing to finally create a change, schedule your appointment today.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to fill out the new client paperwork.

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