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TRAUMATIC BRAIN INJURY (TBI)      Distance Healing

On May 23, 2017, I was riding bikes in Lake Tahoe with my niece. I was not wearing a helmet which was not the norm for me. We just planned to ride a scenic path around the lake and have lunch. It was a beautiful day. We rode for a bit, stopped and drank some water and I remember saying, “Let’s go back…” That’s the last memory I have regarding the bike ride.


Next thing I knew I was in an ambulance. I was told I had an accident. They kept asking me questions. I seemed to answer them, but I was confused as to why I was in an ambulance. I was aware that I could not see out of my right eye. They said they were putting a neck brace on me because I couldn’t move my legs. When the medical team was talking to me when I was in the hospital, I could not answer 1 question. The swelling in my brain was obviously getting much worse!


I experienced a traumatic brain injury when I fell off the bike on the right side of my head as I toppled over the handle bars and continued to roll down the hill with the bike. Clothes were bloody and shredded; they had to be cut off in the ambulance.  I had multiple lacerations all over my body. The swelling in my head was getting progressively worse and I was to be admitted to the hospital.


Melissa Mintz was called in Woodstock, Georgia, and she worked on me remotely. She tapped in to my energy frequency and frantically worked on me during my emergency CAT scan. I went into the CAT scan  unable to speak, in and out of consciousness, loss of vision in my right eye, unable to move both legs, and in severe pain. Approximately 40 minutes later, the CAT scan technician could not believe that after the scan I was talking to him normally.  I was talking and  completely lucid. 


The ER nurse came in my room and kept saying, “You seem like a completely different person now after the CAT scan!!"  After Melissa worked on me I was talking, my vision in my right eye was restored, and I was able to move both legs! The entire medical staff was completely baffled! The astounded doctors were now preparing my release papers instead of admitting me to the hospital!


 I also kept insisting to the doctors that my right shoulder was broken and the bones in my chest felt as though they had to be broken as well. The pain was excruciating!


Melissa worked on me 1 time more remotely and 1 time in person. Melissa stated I would have no broken bones and no permanent damage. She was right!

A week later, I had an MRI on my brain-Normal, Eye work up-Normal.  ENT work up-Normal. Miraculous!!


 It is truly miraculous due to the horrific nature of the accident that I am doing so well.

 I am grateful to Melissa beyond words!



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