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KIDNEY STONES REMOVED          Distance Healing

I was admitted to the hospital for severe pain for kidney stones. The surgery was scheduled in the morning at 6:00 AM to remove 2 kidney stones. 

Melissa facilitated a long distance healing on me that evening while I was lying in my hospital bed. 

In the morning, I was free of all pain! The doctors took another X-ray before the surgery and both stones were gone!! I was released from 

the hospital that morning.


Kidney Stones Gone

BLEEDING STOPPED                  Distance Healing   

Sept. 1, 2004, my dog's groomer told me Bubby had a quarter-sized bubble on his ear. The vet called it a hematoma, and said the burst blood vessel would bleed until his ear filled completely with blood.  My cock-a-poo would need a $150 surgery plus anesthesia costs to sew it closed. Melissa facilitated a long distance healing on Bubby. 

The next two days, Bubby's ear felt cooler, although the hematoma size remained the same. On Wed., the bubble was 2/3 smaller. 

Friday, his ear was normal, with no surgery!


Bleeding Stopped on Dog


I fell off a 2-story building and broke my back and was in severe pain for many years.
I went to numerous medical professionals with no success of pain relief.

I went thru two years of physical therapy and still was not able to work or perform any daily activities.
After one Energy Healing session with Melissa, I was able to go back to work and enjoy life. I even work out at the gym every week!
-- D.B.


I was helping a friend move some items to a new house. They packed many of their belongings in trash bags to facilitate carrying their things to the new house. In one of the trash bags I lifted, there was a large rock that belonged to one of their kids. The rock fell thru the trash bag and landed on my foot! I was in severe pain and went to the hospital to have my foot X-rayed. The x-ray showed that my foot was broken in 2 places.

The next day, I had a healing session with Melissa and walked in on my crutches. At the beginning of the session, I was in alot of pain  

and my foot was black and blue in color. After the session, there was a little bit of bruising, but the black and blue colors were gone. All I could see was a very faint green color from where the discoloration was on my foot.
The pain was gone!

Two days later I followed up with an Orthopedic doctor and had my foot X-rayed again. There was no break...the bone was healed. I got up off the exam table and walked out of the office--without my crutches!!!

Broken Foot Healed

Back Pain Gone

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