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Distance Healing

What to expect during a distance healing

Distance Healings are unique in that they can be facilitated without your active participation. It is not required that you are actively involved during the scheduled time of the healing session. I schedule a day and time for the healing as I would for a client having an “in person” session to give you the opportunity of connecting with the energy during that time or participating in your daily activities.

Some clients will choose to lie down, close their eyes, and relax during the scheduled time to see if they feel the connection to the energy with any physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual sensations. I have had clients tell me they have experienced sensations as deep relaxation, tingling, feeling a wave of energy, falling asleep, and many other registers showing a connection to the energy.

Some clients prefer to be at work or doing daily activities during the scheduled time. It is entirely your preference whether you wish to be actively involved during the session or choose to work or perform other daily activities. The outcome of the healing is not affected.

Distance Healings can be facilitated for someone located anywhere in the world.

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