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About Me


I certainly did not grow up thinking, "One day I would like to heal with energy." I was always drawn to healing as a kid, but in my mind, this inner calling meant medical school. So, I prepared for this unwavering desire. I finished my pre-med at Ohio State. After that, I transferred to a small private college and received a Bachelor of Science in

Nuclear Medicine. After many years of school, studying and working in the hospital setting,

I realized that medical school no longer "felt right" for me. 

I decided to work in the medical industry and accepted a position with a pharmaceutical company. I have worked in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry for my entire career in several different positions of sales and management. 

Then, one hot sunny summer day in June of 2003, I walked into a bookstore and the 

the course of my life was forever altered. One synchronistic event after another seemed to catapult me into this modality of healing work. I understood why I was never meant to go to medical school and saw an entire new life unfold for me that I had never even considered before, or thought possible for that matter.

In my  book Excuse Me! Your ENERGY Is Showing, I talk about the events that happened when I walked into the bookstore in June 2003.

The hilarious comedy It' s Just MY Nonsense  is sure to take the reader on a  fun-filled ride!

My Training

Reconnective Healing

The Reconnection

Distance Healing

 I was certified in Reconective Healing and The Reconection in 2003.

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